Friday, 23 September 2011

Around the world in 120 (or so) days

Since you're here, you've probably heard about our little trip around the world in 2011/2012.
This is a map of most of our flights so far.

Some highlights:
  • South Africa/Namibia: after a few days in Capetown to recover from the first leg (Ottawa-Montreal-London-Johannesberg-Capetown), we head to Namibia to join up with the Discover Namibia Exodus tour.  After that we head to Kruger Park.  Lions and Tigers, Oh my!
  • Off to Bangkok (via Hong Kong) for another Exodus tour: Discover Thailand, Laos & Cambodia.  Just don't ask what's for dinner.
  • Australia: Starting in Cairns (motto: more deadly creatures that anywhere else in the world) for some snorkling on the Great Barrier reef.  Then down to Adelaide for a leasuirely drive to Kangaroo Island and then to Melbourne for Christmas (missing the snow already).  Finally off to Sydney for New Years Eve in the harbour (cheers, mate!)
  • January gets us to New Zealand for the great road tour from North to South.  Too many unpronounceable names to remember right now.  Then from Christchurch back to Auckland for the trip across the Pacific.
  • Next stop: Santiago Chile.  (Couldn't drop in on Easter Island unfortunately, next time)  We head up to Atacama for a few days and then down to Torres del Paine National Park.  Back up to the lakes crossing to Bariloche, Argentina.  Eventually we end up in Buenos Aires for some serious R&R before the flight home via Miami (just in time for the last snow storm).
Thanks to Lenore and Miral at Trail Finders helping us sort this out.